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Yoo Hoo Tower

Yoo Hoo Tower, 38 Kwai Fung Crescent HVAC Design & Build Work  


Job Nature

We had undertaken a complete HVAC deicing and Build work which include as follows:   


1) Product all the design drawings include chiller pipes schematic,equipment layout, cooling load calculation Main control cubicle 

circuit and panel face layout, Building management system and zone control.


2) Apply Pilot scheme (water tower fresh water utilities license) and liaised with EMSD, HKSAR Govt,as to produce all the calculation and drawings requested.  


3) The whole system consists of :   

     2 x 400ton " Carrier" water cooled centrifugal chillers,   

     2 x 500 ton "Mesan" circular tower with "Drift limitor" as per Pilot scheme spec.  

     3 x 40Kw condensing / chiller pumps   

     270 set of "Sinko" fancoils c/w air duct, chiller pipe, control and insulation.  

     2 x set of automatic chemical treatment plant to chiller and water tower system.  

     1 set of main control and power distribution cubicle , remote control pane and zone valves' controls c/w panel etc.

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